Ofoemezie in Boston, September 20, 2003


Long lives ATDU USA branch.  Long live the people that put it together. Long live the members of the ATDU USA branch and long live the non-active Adazi-Nnukwu people in Americas who have not joined ATDU USA branch. As the saying goes, “united we stand and divided we fall.” The ATDU USA branch was not long ago put together and within a few years, has accomplished a lot and will not blink claiming so. Its accomplishments includes, but not limited to providing Adazi-Nnukwu library with books, supplying the St. Joseph’s hospital Adazi-Nnukw with medical supplies, monetary contributions and lately, the proposed clean water supply for our people at home as agreed at the Los Angeles convention. That ATDU USA branch is well accomplished considering that it just started. Although credit should be given, but what ever the branch has done is expected of any ATDU branch.  My joy is that it is fulfilling coming to an occasion and seeing that ATDU USA branch is represented. Our people have mastered embracing or honor (as you may prefer) invitations regardless of who or where invited. Sending material things home is expected as earlier indicated although credence should be given to branches for doing for their people. Honoring invitations and proudly attending occasions requires recognition. The people of ATDU USA branch have mastered doing that and should be congratulated. “Madu ka eji aka.”


       Dr. and Mrs. Ofoemezie leaving Mr. Pius Amaefuna’s residence for the church.

                    Dr. and Mrs. Ofoemezie



 September 20th 2003, Dr. and Mrs. Ejike Ofoemezie invited the people of Adazi-Nnukwu to their wedding in Boston, Massachusetts. Arriving in Boston, I did not know what to expect considering that Dr. Ofoemizie just arrived and not yet in the loop. I was troubled and prayed that our people honor their invitation. At the eve of their wedding, while I was worried and under heavy perspiration wondering if our people will attend the wedding, someone announced that Ichie Nnanwelugo (Dr. Okechukwu obiadi) and his family had arrived at the airport and seeking directions to Mr. Pius Amaefuna’s house. Hearing that Ichie Nnanwelugo had arrived; life came back into me. Not long after Ichie Nnanwelugo and his family arrived, Omo Jagwuda and Lobito (Lawrence Iloanusi) arrived. Following the arrival of these families, the doorbell never stopped ringing. Both the locals and out of towners flooded the house and Mr. Pius Amaefuna and his wife, Uche kept the place alive. Food and meat were by your preference and there was no limit to what one wanted to drink. Drinks were in abundance and of high quality.


The evening was grand as most of you would say. As Vero More-Arachie, Uche Amaefuna, D.D. Fisher-Ofoemezie and some friends tirelessly prepared the food, the boys did their thing, tirelessly devoured both the meet and the food. The ladies never complained because they knew that drinks and food go together. The food was well prepared and perceived from all angles of Mr. Amaefun’s street. Turning onto the street, people perceived ethnic food and it got the mouth watered. Entering Mr. Amaefuna’s house, almost everyone wanted a taste of the food. The Egwusi and Onugbu soups were the best ever make by a human. The egwusi soup, which I had, was very difficult to eat and I struggled eating and enjoying the food. I thought something was wrong with me however, looking across the table, I noticed that almost everyone on the table was sneezing and whipping snot off their nostril. I wondered why people ate with such difficulty. As indicated earlier, the food was so tasty that no one wanted to give up. While people ate and swung their heads, Ichie Nnanwelugo’s second daughter, Ogochukwu said, “it is hot, my tongue is burning.” It then occurred to me that it was actually pepper in the food that was making everyone uncomfortable. Boy! The food was over peppered. Luckily, it was not the food prepared for the wedding, but for the eve gathering dinner. The equation reads, the best food ever prepared by any human being + over peppered food = watery eyes and running nose. Even with the pepper, the food was wonderful. Oh! Did I mention the Ukwa-aho prepared by Mrs. Uche Amaefuna? It was a slam, as kids would say. The Ukwa-Aho tasted like the ukwa-aho of the olden days prepared by my grandmother. It had the taste and flavor, huuuhu!!!!!!!, it was good. I will not tell you that some guys came back from the wedding around 4:30 A.M. and settled some squabbles with the ukwa-aho. Trust me, cold ukwa-aho and cold egwusi soup bond very well when you are floating in limbo after a reasonable drinking crusade.


                  Ladies getting ready

                      Dr. and Mrs. Ofoemezie’s wedding ceremony


On the ‘D’ day, Dr. and Mrs. Ofoemezie appeared like Adam and Eve as if they were from a different planet. Seating in a black limousine, they appeared quite immaculate and infallible although without realizing that they have their own share of the “njo ekeluwa” which we inherited from Adam. While the ATDU USA branch representatives, friends and well wishers gathered to escort the celebrants inside the church, a back beautiful Mercedes car, nicely waxed pulled to a complete stop. While I admired the car and wondered who just arrived, the driver’s side door opened and an elegantly dressed man bounced out of the car. Taking a second look at the car and driver, I realized it was our own Ichie Akuebue-Nata (Baba T. J.) as most people remember him. Ichie Akuebu-Nata looked good and the car looked fashionable wonderful. Existing the car from the other doors were Lolo Obidia Nwogu, Ezeana Ndinweozo (Chief Obikili), Ichie Ezechiekwelu (Chief Nwogu) and his Lolo. The group’s arrival resonated more energy and comfort within the crowd.  Inside the church, everyone appeared as if they waited for God to descend and pick up the most innocent one. The church was absolutely quiet, way too quiet. While Dr. Mrs. Obiadi did the due process, read one of the proceedings of the mass, everyone paid attention as if she was making the selection for God. The wedding was wonderful although I might add a personal observation, when the priest said, “you may kiss the bride,” Dr. Ofoemezie instead of kissing his wife’s lips as most African’s do, he passionately kissed her as if they were acting a scene for a big screen movie. Well, who am I to say otherwise, the Reverend Father just licensed them to start doing the wild thing and Dr. Ofoemezie showed us that the taste of the “pudding is in the eating.”


Dr. and Mrs. Ofoemezie, congratulations and the Ogene Newsletter editorial board thank you for inviting us to your wedding. Much Success


Bons Obiadi




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