Launching of Spiritual /Gospel Rap
Featuring Osy and Fanta Anarado (his wife)
Duo Name: 2 Victory Road

Launching at Best Western Hotel, College Park on November 1, 2003

In his opening prayers, Rev. Fr. Aham Nnorom said that many sing with profanity, but today we will sing songs of glory to you, The Almighty Father.

                           Family members with Osy and Fanta

                               Osy and Fanta Anarado signing authograph


The event went on very well. Osy's senior sister Adolisa Anarado, a practicing attorney in Kansas City, introduced the duo. They dazzled the crowd when they came out to do two songs from their CD. They did another two songs later before the launching of the CD.

The chairman, Dr. Namate Kpea, a Nigerian plastic surgeon, based in Rhode Island, in his opening remark praised the encouragement of young people into positive careers. He was short of words to express his gratitude to be a part of this event. Dr Kpea emphasized that this occasion is been hosted to help expose these two people to the world and also to raise funds to support them as they quest to promote and market the CD. He enheartened people to support them and said, these people are going to be stars unless God decides otherwise. It is only a matter of time. He supported their ministry with a $4,000 check. Dr. Sunday Nwosu (Cardiologist) advised the young couple to be dedicated to each other in order that their potential stardom will be enhanced and endured. Dr. Okay Onuorah, a pharmacist based in Indianapolis, who has known Osy since he was one year old, expressed abject surprise at the depth of wisdom in the words that come out of their music. He encouraged people to support them as he prophesied that they would be stars in a matter of time. Dr. Ben Nwosu, a pediatrician, also expressed hope that the duo will make it if they stayed stead fast to each other. In his observation, Oladipo Iana, the real estate magnet, who once owned five Rolls Royce cars, one for each day of the week, said that he has known Osy since the last thirteen years, when he was sharing a floor with Osy's father on 15th and K St., NW, Washington. He went on to say that he was not surprised with what he was seeing, as he had known all along that the gentleman would succeed in any endeavor he finally settles down with. Lady Bridget Ezeanyeche implored on Osy and Fanta to decide if they would go all the way or not, because there is no halfway towards success in music. She expressed her overwhelming pride while watching them effuse that level of confidence and ingenuity on the stage.

I n his prayers, Pastor George Anazie called on The Almighty God to protect the duo from evil people who will be lurking around them, looking for their own loot. He went on, "the sound of what I am hearing are like heavenly songs. As I listen to them, I see someone in prison cell making a change from present life to eventually becoming a medical doctor. I see people just listen in their private corners at night and change to better life. I see a young man tired of life and watch him listen to these songs and one theme in one of the songs turns that person's life around. May God's wishes prevail."

James T, Producer and CEO of Time II Jamm Records, referring to earlier discussions with Osy said, "Flowers cannot grow unless they are planted, Osy has planted them and he will see them grow. Also, he never lets his talents and gifts take him to places his character cannot keep him. We will do everything we can to help promote this Album". In his note and observation, Professor Emmanuel Obiechina praised the decision to encourage such work of Art. He called on our people to support our children in any field of endeavor they express interest in and inspire them to be the best at such area.

Mr. Rico McClam of Spirit Instincts Entertainment, another record executive said that Osy and Fanta's perseverance is amazing and promised to work with them to move this Album. Mr. Sonny Fogg (Fanta's Uncle) told the duo to strive and remain focused, as that will ensure their success. Osy's senior uncle based in Detroit, MI., Chief Chris Anarado assured the duo that he will do everything it takes including using his connections to make them not just stars but the best stars that we have ever seen.

The entire Launching Ceremony was graced by the fluid eloquence of Jude O. Ibegwam as he efficaciously controlled the tempo of the event by using the full power as the Master of Ceremonies. Although, he made some people scramble to locate a dictionary owing to his consistent use of high-sounding words. However, the delivery of his thoughts and event purpose was smooth and could have been done with such potency if only you possessed the key, the gift of the gab.


                 Osy and Fanta Performing

                            Udoka & wife (Oby) Anarado, Osy & Fanta & Chris Anarado

The event ended with Osy, on behalf of his wife, expressing gratitude to every person who came, and for the individual financial support. He promised not to let them down. Osy's father Udoka Paul Anarado, on behalf of his wife (Felicia) and the Anarado family, in his closing remark, thanked everybody that attended. He went on to say, " Your presence here tonight is a testimony that our culture endures. I told my son, if you are ready to move into the world with your music, you have to start from your root your base and that is why you are here tonight, to birth them into the world with prayers and blessings. They are gratefully encouraged by the love, support and blessings which you have poured on them tonight. In God's Mighty Name, you will not be let down". The chairman of the occasion, Dr Nomate Kpea once more expressed gratitude to all the people for their support and wished every person safe journey back home. This concluded the event.

The evening ended with Osy and Fanta signing autographs on posters for waiting fans. The CDs are in the record stores, you can also visit their website if you want to order the CD or move to fan page to see pictures on the launching event.



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